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Sharpen your skills with some of the best photographers and retouchers in the world during GlamFlame workshop. Our workshops are intensive, one to three days programs based in photogenic cities across the country. Our longer workshops offer in-depth, hands-on photography instruction. All of our workshops incorporate talks, edit-and-critique sessions, and photo assignments into each day’s schedule.

With the guidance of our experienced mentors, learn how to make compelling and memorable photographs—skills you can use for both commercial assignments or personal projects. GlamFlame is India’s first and only Photography Company, offering such high-end photography workshop with reputed international mentors across the country.

Sneak Previews from some of our past workshops

The workshop was organized exceptionally well and it was an absolute surprise. Whatever I had experienced since last 3days was beyond my expectation. Overwhelmed, the concepts were very interesting, the models were very pretty, the fashion designers were top of the lineand everything was accumulated by GlamFlame and I am really thankful.

Vikram Baderiya

It's my third workshop with you guys and right from the first workshop it's been a pleasure. This particular workshop "Jnana" is really awesome and overwhelming. I am taking a lot of learning and tons of motivation from this workshop.

Savitha Patil

Thanks a lot for getting this workshop organised and getting down Manny Librodo to India. It by itself is an achievement. Looking forward to the next one.

Vivek Tickoo

I came all the way from Pune to Bangalore for this workshop and I am really glad that I could make it. It was a great learning experience for me. The opportunity to learn from an International photographer is pretty rare in India and thanks to all you guys for making this happen. The workshop was complete as per the International standards. I have learned a lot, as I got enough time to spend with the mentor and I think you guys have done a marvellous job.

Sandeep Joshi

The workshop was very nice and very intense. Like, all of us got our portfolio done. A lot of us, we actually never had an idea how to deal with the stylist, make-up artist, designers, and models. We are into photography but that's what is always lacking. Thanks to GlamFlame for giving us the opportunity to meet all these people. Now we have about at least ten good images to add to our portfolio and could get a job based on that. Even if you go for some shoots like this individually its gonna cost you much more than the workshop fee. So that's why it was really great for me.

Vikramjit Barua