Nicotex – Ek Cigarette Kam campaign : The Art Of Quitting Cigarette…

Nicotex India accepted the open door to make 5 videos showing top 5 cases in multi day on which an individual smokes.

The campaign thought was Ek Cigarette Kam – requesting that individuals quit smoking by stopping one cigarette at any given moment and therefore stopping bit by bit. Nicotex Ek Cigarette Kam on World No Tobacco Day.

Here are videos of different time frames where individuals most likely to smoke and tips to quit. since the videos had an element of time (morning, evening, lunch, etc), we time banded the videos so that our audience watches the relevant video as per the time frame.


Time Banding –
1. Morning: 6AM – 9AM
2. Lunch: 12:30PM – 3:30PM
3. Chai: 3PM – 6PM
4. Office: 5PM -9PM
5. Meeting: 10:30AM – 6:30PM

Morning waali chhod di!

Office se ghar jaane waali chhod di!

Chai ke saath waali chhod di!
Meeting Ke Break Wali Chhod Di

Lunch ke baad waali chhod di!

Lunch ke baad waali chhod di!

via : COTW

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