TATA Motors , Her Key : Encourages women to take on the road.”

Inspired by women who get in the driver’s seat each day, Tata Motors, strived to get more ladies to do likewise. That is the reason, this “women’s day”, Tata Motors presented their most recent battle, ‘Her Key’ created by FCB Ulka.

When one purchases a vehicle, they get two keys. The second key is generally viewed as the extra one. Bothering this knowledge, we essentially repositioned this extra key as Her Key. Her Key is an image intended to engage more ladies to drive and convey fairness and opportunity to the streets.

Tata Motors Her Key | International Women's Day

Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement and we trust Her Key goes far in moving women to take out and about with certainty. It is vital that women perceive the way that driving isn’t a benefit, however a privilege and accompanies its own opportunity.

Speaking on this initiative, Sibendra Barman – Head, Sales, Marketing & Customer support PVBU, Tata Motors, said “We at Tata Motors are striving to kick-start a movement which encourages more women to take up the driver’s seat. This Women’s Day, Tata Motors has rechristened the second key of its vehicles as ‘Her Key’ because we believe it is liberating for a woman to drive. We are confident that this initiative will instil a lot of self-belief and help overcome the inhibitions of Indian women when it comes to driving and encourage them to get behind the wheel more often.”

Via : Ad Age

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