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Date: August 4th-6th | Bengaluru

This is a no crowded workshop limited to only 15 photographers. It’s an intimate, informal, interactive experience with hands-on training. In this workshop, internationally published photographer Hartmut Norenberg will reveal his philosophy in the photography business to his intricate post processing workflow and everything in between. Not only will you gain tremendous knowledge about making great images, you’ll have the opportunity to create stunning photographs yourself to take your portfolio to the next level. We have an amazing cast and crew for this workshop, including some of the industry’s best stylist, MUA and models.

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Hartmut Norenberg has become a household name in fashion industry having top tier clients across the globe. Mercedes, BMW, Porsche to name a few. Hartmut Norenberg motivated by his photographer father became desirous to get better with the tools of photography and retouching. Today he works as a freelance photographer and digital post-production artist. Hartmut trusts that with his variety of education he is a match for the unique creative requirements of future.

In addition to his passion towards photography, Hartmut is also the founder of, a highly successful post-production/retouching agency of Germany.

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Join international Photographer and Retoucher Hartmut Norenberg, owner of, as he shares his secrets for creating stunning images in less time. You will also learn the business and marketing side of retouching — everything from working with clients to creative branding opportunities.


To make our workshops much more interactive and worthy Team Glamflame always brings excellent Pre-workshop requisites for its participants. We all believe in your capabilities but still why not to brush up some of your skills before the workshop. So once you sign up for this workshop you will receive a mail containing all the pre-workshop requisites. In case, you failed to do your homework, you have to do 100 push-ups during the workshop.

Lighting on Location

  • Class Introduction & Philosophy of Natural light 
  • Getting Technical: ISO, Shutter, and Aperture
  • More Technical: Q&A, Depth of Field, and Group Shots
  • Light Modifiers: Sun bounce, Sun swatter, Scrim jim, and Black panels.
  • Getting comfortable with on-location lighting kit
  • Focusing and Shooting Modes
  • Learn to see light and how it changes with direction
  • Working with a team – stylist, hair, make-up artist and model

First Shooting Session

  • Understanding Lighting Conditions: Direct Sunlight, Low Light
  • Understanding Lighting: Dappled, Backlit, and Overcast
  • Shoot: Modifying and Shaping Natural Light
  • Shoot: Increasing contrast by creating shadow
  • Shoot: Direct Sunlight
  • Shoot: Direct Sunlight with Shade
  • Shoot: Open and Covered Shade

second Shooting Session

  • Using Light Meter for outdoor shoot
  • Metering for ambient light and fill flash
  • Choosing the right background
  • Getting Started with Flash Lights and Light Modifiers
  • Choosing right Lighting Equipment, Light Modifiers,  Camera & Lens in different lighting condition
  • Exposure metering
  • Natural looking flash
  • Flash + Ambient light
  • Bouncing your flash

Studio Lighting

  • Class Introduction & Philosophy of Studio Space
  • Fundamentals of Off Camera Lighting (Key, Fill, Hair, Etc.)
  • Gear, Money, and Building Your Studio
  • Creating Differences Between Looks, Soft vs Hard Light
  • Directing and Posing Your Subjects
  • Setting Up White Seamless
  • First Shooting Session on White Seamless
  • Finding Exposure for White Seamless, Second Model
  • Head Shots with Beauty Dish
  • Hot Shoe Flash, Umbrellas, Hard Light, Octabank
  • Modifiers: Octabank, Softbox, Strip Bank, Umbrella
  • Modifiers: Reflector, Grids, White Beauty Dish and more
  • lighting patterns – butterfly / loop / Rembrandt lighting, Split lighting, Clamshell lighting.
  • Using Gels and Color Theory
  • Building Multiple Lighting Setups for White Light and Gelled
  • Shooting for Beauty look, Fashion, Editorial, e-Commerce, life style and fine-art

Let the journey begin

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • What is Non-Destructive Retouching and Why should you learn it?
  • Getting the most out of Camera Raw

Brief Introduction

  • The Concepts of Layers and Blend Modes
  • Making Selective Changes
    • The importance of a good selection and masking
    • Using the Marquee tools
    • Using the Lasso tool
    • Using the Quick Selection tool
    • Making difficult selections with the Refine Edge feature
  • Working with Wacom Tablets
  • Introduction to several retouching plugin
  • Cloning, Patching and Content Aware
  • Color correction using adjustment layers
  • Filters (Blur, Liquify, High-pass)
  • Brush Tools and Presets
  • Custom Brushes

Getting Started with high-end retouching

  • Creating and understanding the whole workflow
  • Analyzing the Image
  • Raw Processing
  • Evening Skin Tone
  • Cleaning with Healing Brush tool and Clone Stamp tool
  • What is Frequency Separation and why should you use it?
  • What are the different ways of applying Frequency Separation
  • How to achieve perfect skin texture?
  • Using Frequency Separation for anything and everything
  • Reducing the post-processing time using Frequency Separation with plug-ins
  • Dodge and Burn
    • What is it?
    • Different ways of doing it
    • What is Global D&B
    • What is Micro D&B
  • Introduction to Color Grading
  • Setting up Moods with Adjustment Layers
    • Levels
    • Curves
    • Hue/Saturation
    • Photo Filter
    • Selective Color
  • Non-Destructive Image Sharpening
  • Reshaping and Slimming down with Liquify tool
  • Exporting for Web, Social Medias and Print


INR 27,850/- per person
Includes lunch, tea/coffee, snacks and applicable taxes. You can also confirm your spot just by paying the booking amount of INR 15,850/- (rest of the amount you can pay before the workshop). Payment options will be shared upon inquiry.


In the ill-fated event if you wish to cancel your booking after the payment, you will receive a credit note that can be used to avail of any of our services listed on our website, for:

a) 100% of the amount if you cancel before 30 days of the Workshop date,
b) 50% of the amount if you cancel before 15 days of the Workshop date

No credit note will be issued for canceling 2weeks prior to the Workshop date or for failing to attend the Workshop without prior intimation, and no cash refunds will be made under any circumstances.


    • I am a complete beginner in photography. Is this Workshop recommended for me?Of-course! GlamFlame always plans it’s workshop in such a way that both beginners and professionals can attend it. Our pre-workshop requisites are very well designed and informative. If you are a complete beginner, you should sign up for the Workshop right away, as we’re sure you’ll find it really helpful!
    • I don’t have a DSLR and have only a compact digital camera. Will this Workshop still be useful for me?Yes. The fundamental concepts of digital photography are common to DSLR and compact digital cameras, so it will still be useful, and you’ll be able to try a majority of the discussed concepts practically if your compact camera has manual controls. However, in order to make the most out of the Workshop, we recommend you hire a DSLR .
    • How do I register for the Workshop?You can register for the Workshop by clicking on the BOOK NOW! tab and filling out the registration form, or transferring the booking amount directly to our company account, details will be shared upon inquiry. You can reach us on +91-9620830837
    • How do I pay the Workshop fee?We have multiple payment options including online transfer, from which you may choose one as per your convenience. More details can be shared upon inquiry.
    • What should I get to the Workshop?
      • An open mind and learning attitude.
      • A  memory card/pen drive with sufficient space for the tutorial videos.
      • Pen Tablet, if available.
      • Your laptop with the following software installed on it.
        • Photoshop cs6 or cc
        • Camera raw
        • Lightroom cs6 or cc
        • A screen recording software if you want to record your screens during the post-processing sessions. (optional)
    • I have paid for the Workshop but cannot attend. Can I get a refund?
      Kindly check our cancellation policy. 

15 spots only, book your spot now!

choose what suits you best!

Now you can pay in EMI too.


Number of guests: 15
Local Transport: Private Cabs
Exertion level: Medium
Meals: All meals included
Type of Photography: Portraits, Fashion, lifestyle, Commercial
Weather in August: Average 28°C


  • International Models for practical demonstrations
  • Stylist, Hair & make-up artist
  • Hi-tea, Buffet Lunch for all 3days
  • Ground transport(If Needed)
  • Workshop’s sessions


  • Hotel accommodation
  • Transport to/from Workshop Location

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