The 365 Days Moody Challenge; Beat the Fickle Mind

Adapting something new to your daily routine isn’t easy but ain’t impossible too. To follow something, requires constant focus, dedication and time in a repetitive and uniform manner. The hardest part is to follow up in the beginning, initially and continuously for 15-21 days and staying tuned to the rhythm until it turns to a habit.

It takes time, maybe several years, to take up a project of #onephotoaday or ‪#‎365daysproject‬ or #365daysofhappiness kinda projects in the field of photography and people who continuously follow you, intend to expect the posts in the regular routine which then becomes a mandatory event for the one who started with this initiative as a part of the project challenge.

Sometimes, people undervalue the importance of such project and how difficult it is, else they undervalue the simplicity part of it, and consider how difficult we make it for ourselves to consider it.

To follow the 365 project challenge, one needs to make it accessible as “one photo a day”, so every photo should be uploaded keeping in mind the 24hrs time regime, and to be strictly followed in order to be honest with the challenge accepted and at the same time to stay active and impromptu.

Restrictions are mandatory to certain the project 365 days. That’s unique for you and for that, you need to build up certain guidelines, to strengthen the unity of images.

Looking for a 365-portrait shoot, then why to wonder, just go ahead! It shall seem interestingly amazing once you look back at your collection framed. Tick your calendar, as you accomplish the day’s task. So, this improves your focus and creativity further. Do not invite much freedom to your project 365 days, else you end up asking the same question every day as “What’s the next day shoot shall be?”, “Is this better than yesterday?”, “Will this be appreciated?” and so on. In order to cater to the credits and applauds, stay overwhelmed with the standard you want to keep, and go!

It’s a marathon where it talks about consistency till the end of the task. All you need to adapt is you need to keep going with the same rhythm throughout. Sometimes, it may so happen, you may end up clicking with your mobile camera, and that’s still fine, if you think it requires more vibrancy before an upload, then transfer that shot to Photoshop and rest is magic as you know!

To maintain the continuity of this project 365, you might face various challenges on your pathway, like connecting to your laptop, finding some time in an extremely busy day, net connection for upload, and amidst all, the clock might rule over the 24hrs ball game, so without hovering much, just a normal pic would do justice for your honest attempt because it matters to maintain the continuity of uploads rather than focusing on the image enhancement.

It matters when a photo comes from a real source, which does exist and that’s how the strength is built and confidence comes up, since it’s all about the passion and desire to keep it rolling. All that’s required is the mental satisfaction. Depending on your lifestyle, this project difficulty level might fluctuate, there shall be days when finding the time to play with your camera will be tricky, perhaps might seem impossible as well. There shall be days when your own mood shall play varied tricks on you and confuse whether to take it up now or later and keep you hanged till the day’s gone.

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No matter whether it seems easy or difficult to continue the project 365, anything that seeks your attention, take a quick snapshot with your phone and upload it. This is the sheer dedication that shows to keep the project mode on. As mentioned above, every day is not the same that can be promised, but definitely few chunks of time can be adjusted to find that mental resilience. To take up this 365-days project and convert it into, as easy or difficult mode, is up to you, as you decide to choose, knowing there’s always some shot better than none. This shall loosen up your burden of heavy weight on your shoulders.

Moreover, at times, creativity might limit you but certainly not the environment. If you don’t wish to explore on any day, you can hunt in and around where you reside, or even from inside a home, it only depends on you to choose the subject and implement your tricks of creativity on it. So take chances on what you do, how you do and rest the result shall speak out. On the other side, you need to walk around to keep things exploring a wider range and follow-up to look for new spots for shooting. This project 365 is not any rocket science, it’s easy to do, so keep up the pace with the flow. You can do it and shall keep doing the same if you respect your work. DO it for your own self, understand that, at the end of the day, you enjoyed doing it and not just a compulsion overstressed on you.

Such projects are fascinating, because it shows, what the photographers are up. You ought to allow yourself to discover around, and love the creativity imbibed within. Do not show up excuses, that will only let you down coz it does no harm to anyone else.  At the end, when you see your collection of a compilation of heaps, you will cherish it by the way it has been shaped.

So, what are you waiting for, hold your camera and click_xlick_go!

Cover Image: Ashutosh Maharana

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