Ethics For Sustainable Fashion

With the ever-changing trends and fashion, we intend to update our wardrobe every season. But, do we ever think to realized where do our clothes come from, who all are involved behind the manufacturing of the product? or we bought them because they are cheap and aesthetically good looking.


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Ethical spending now accounts for £81.3 billion of the UK retail market, according to Ethical Consumer, and KPMG’s latest annual retail survey noted that almost 20% of shoppers were drawn to retailers that they know ethically source their goods.

To be ethically sustainable in fashion, one should have core idea about what sustainability really means. Sustainability [in fashion] does not only stand for the terms of wastage and pollution caused by the fashion industry. It stands for everything that has to do with the product lifecycle. That includes the material used [is it environment-friendly?], the process [is it cruelty-free?], and where will it end up [is it reusable?].

Yes, you can unknowingly be unsustainable products user if you don’t have the core knowledge about the brands that you frequently shop at. So it only takes a few minutes to do your research about your favorite brands and be a part of the sustainable world.

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