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Love is an inclination so dreamlike that it makes even the harshest sort of torment dissipate immediately and inexplicably.It is the balm that has the power to heal the deepest wounds, and fix a considerable number of diseases. It is a generally experienced feeling that knows no limits. Closeup has upheld for the general directly to cherish is their ongoing effort called Lost Loves. Closeup Free To Love (#FreeToLove) likewise goes about as the campaign identity on different social networking platforms.


The #FreeToLove movement made by Closeup tells the story shaping its core ideology via the medium of a short film. In the 4 mins 20 secs clipping, various stories of long lost lovers are intertwined together. All the sabotaged romantic tales have one thing in common: society’s undesirable intervention.Biases dependent on caste, religion, sexual orientation, and progressively turned out to be the foes of affection in the stories got alive Closeup’s campaign. In any case, every one of the couples in the film keep on harboring esteem for the minutes went through together with their once better-parts in spite of their finished connections.

#FreeToLove is an attempt to give a voice to all the lovers who are bounded by society’s unjust limitations exercised on the universal right to love. Anybody can share his/her/their story by using the hashtag.

We feel that Lost Loves is a humanitarian initiative that advocates the fundamental right to love freely. The campaign owes its impact to its strong core message. Below are some of our favorite video stories from the campaign.

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