Ever Wondered How To Become a Stylist?

Styling for living and getting paid seems like the sweetest job. But, well it’s not as it sounds like. Styling can be a tricky and absolutely nut-cracking job (sometimes). That includes meeting the right mentor and getting the right guidance.

So, aspiring stylists listen up and check out the tips below!

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1. It’s all about the Internship.

To become a Stylist it is very important to intern under a good agency or fashion house. “A lot of this industry works by recommendations,” Intern for stylist and become their assistant. You become the second choice once your mentor is not available [shhhh…]

2. Build Your Lookbook.

Working under a stylist also gives you the opportunity to build your own portfolio that you can showcase while looking for a job. So, make sure you maintain your lookbook not only for the portfolio but also for your future reference.

3. Stay Updated.

You must live and breath about the in’s and out’s of the fashion industry, the latest trend and yes, Latest music videos really help.


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4. Research Research Research.

Do not forget to do your Research before the shoot-day even if you are an intern [you should contribute]. You are ready to work once your research skills are strong. Also, you should know that theme and aesthetics are fifty-fifty.

5. Get a Degree.

Well, it’s not absolutely necessary to have a Degree to become a stylist. But, most people in the industry prefer a candidate with a degree. The degree gives the recruiter or the clients more impression about your knowledge of styling.

6. Have Your Own Signature.

With thousands of upcoming stylist every year, It is absolutely necessary to have your own Signature. A person should know that you are the reason behind the look of the photo even when your name is not mentioned.

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