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Here’s the thing. Imagine a bunch of people, anyone. It could be someone you passed by on the street, someone you see every day in the office. Everyday people, in other words. People who have no super powers to speak of. Now imagine them doing something totally superheroic like standing on the edge of a skyscraper in a busy street in San Francisco. Why you ask?

Rooftop Superheroes - Mystique by Benjamin Von Wong on 500px.com

So that they can be captured in breathtaking photos, why else? Surprised? We bet you are. Welcome to the world of photographer Benjamin Von Wong. Think intricate, complex and totally out of the box photography, think Benjamin Von Wong. One look at Von Wong’s photos will stun you, to say the least. They  appear to be some fantastical output of a photo editing software. There’s a tiny catch, however. We are all familiar with the adage ’Appearances can be deceptive’, right? This has never been truer when you realise that these photos are actually the results of hours of meticulous planning and implementation of real-life shoots.

Love for Fire by Benjamin Von Wong on 500px.com

This Canadian born, 29-year-old photographer is nothing like his contemporaries. For starters, his only visual attraction outlets were comic books as a kid. Then, he was not someone who had a passion for photography from the beginning. It grew on him through the years when he wanted to discontinue his engineering career. And finally, most of his photography is directed at creating awareness about pressing issues in the world today. How many of his kind do we get really?

Epic Smartphone Photo - Fire Angel for Huawei by Von Wong by Benjamin Von Wong on 500px.com

For someone who describes his own work as ’epic’, it is surprising that he took up photography so that he always had something to do. Things took a turn when he got offered $250 for filling in for a photographer friend. Being getting paid for something he enjoyed doing  made him take photography seriously and since then the world gained a supremely talented photographer.

Ka Amorastreya by Benjamin Von Wong on 500px.com

From doing projects to create awareness and raise funds for a girl with terminal degenerative brain disease to conduct a shoot with a model underwater which had a temperature of 14-degree celsius to create awareness about dredging, he has done a lot. His projects also include storm chasing portraits where he had to shoot photographs within 15 minutes in the face of a storm as a fight against climate change, a maternity shoot for charity and another project titled ’42 megapixels of Garbage’ which he did to let people know about a dreadful landfill in Guatemala.  Benjamin Von Wong is the photographer with a conscience and totally worth following.

Climate Change doesn

Shark Shepherd by Benjamin Von Wong on 500px.com

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