Date: Nov 16th 2019 | Bangalore

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An Intense Studio Lighting and Portrait Photography Workshop

It’s an intimate, informal, interactive experience with hands-on training. In this workshop, you’ll master the complexities of controlling light in a controlled space. If you’re new to studio photography, or even if you’ve been doing indoor shoots for a while, studio lighting can be a real challenge. The sheer amount of gear required and the inherent complexity of the equipment mean that there are always lots of variables—and lots of ways to make mistakes! In this workshop Sourav will break down the technicalities of studio lighting into manageable chunks so you can get a handle on what you need to do in almost any studio situation. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the skills to tackle any type of indoor shoot, whether it’s in a huge studio or your living room.

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Sourav is a Bangalore based Fashion Photographer and Retoucher. It all started 6 years ago when he felt the need to find an outlet to translate his pains, dreams, and imagination. And then, photography happened to him. For him, it has always been about capturing something better and beautiful than reality. Romance, love, desolation, sensitivity and pain are what drives him for photography. His images are just like his dreams. And just like his dreams, he only shares what touches him.

In addition to his passion towards photography, Sourav is also the founder of GlamFlame and a Software Engineer by degree. He also works as a professional digital marketer for a couple of leading restaurants and production houses in India.


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The total cost of the workshop is INR ₹12,850/- per person. You can confirm your spot just by paying the booking amount of INR ₹5,850/- (rest of the amount you can pay before or during the workshop). In case if you want to make full payment the payment options will be shared upon inquiry.

Course Content

  • Class Introduction & Philosophy of Studio Space
  • Fundamentals of Off Camera Lighting (Key, Fill, Hair, Etc.)
  • Gear, Money, and Building Your Studio
  • Creating Differences Between Looks, Soft vs Hard Light
  • Directing and Posing Your Subjects
  • Setting Up White Seamless
  • First Shooting Session on White Seamless
  • Finding Exposure for White Seamless, Second Model
  • Head Shots with Beauty Dish
  • Hot Shoe Flash, Umbrellas, Hard Light, Octabank
  • Modifiers: Octabank, Softbox, Strip Bank, Umbrella
  • Modifiers: Reflector, Grids, White Beauty Dish and more
  • lighting patterns – butterfly / loop / Rembrandt lighting, Split lighting, Clamshell lighting.
  • Using Gels and Color Theory
  • Building Multiple Lighting Setups for White Light and Gelled
  • Mixed Lights
  • Shooting for Beauty look, Fashion, Editorial, e-Commerce, lifestyle and fine-art


Time 10:00 am – 06:00pm
Address2nd Floor, 1554, 19th Main Rd, Agara Village, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102 Phone: +91-9620830837


INR 12,850/- per person
Includes lunch, tea/coffee, snacks and applicable taxes. You can also confirm your spot just by paying the booking amount of INR 5,850/- (rest of the amount you can pay before or during the first day of the workshop). Payment options will be shared upon inquiry.


In the ill-fated event if you wish to cancel your booking after the payment, you will receive a credit note that can be used to avail of any of our services listed on our website, for:

a) 100% of the amount if you cancel before 30 days of the Workshop date,
b) 50% of the amount if you cancel before 15 days of the Workshop date

No credit note will be issued for canceling 2weeks prior to the Workshop date or for failing to attend the Workshop without prior intimation, and no cash refunds will be made under any circumstances.


    • I am a complete beginner in photography. Is this Workshop recommended for me? Of course! GlamFlame always plans it’s workshop in such a way that both beginners and professionals can attend it. Our pre-workshop requisites are very well designed and informative. If you are a complete beginner, you should sign up for the Workshop right away, as we’re sure you’ll find it really helpful!
    • I don’t have a DSLR and have only a compact digital camera. Will this Workshop still be useful for me? Yes. The fundamental concepts of digital photography are common to DSLR and compact digital cameras, so it will still be useful, and you’ll be able to try a majority of the discussed concepts practically if your compact camera has manual controls. However, in order to make the most out of the Workshop, we recommend you hire a DSLR.
    • How do I register for the Workshop? You can register for the Workshop by clicking on the BOOK NOW! tab and filling out the registration form, or transferring the booking amount directly to our company account, details will be shared upon inquiry. You can reach us on +91-9620830837
    • How do I pay the Workshop fee? We have multiple payment options including online transfer, from which you may choose one as per your convenience. More details can be shared upon inquiry.
    • What should I get to the Workshop?
      • DSLR Camera
      • Elinchrom Trigger (optional)
    • I have paid for the Workshop but cannot attend. Can I get a refund?
      Kindly check our cancellation policy. 


Number of guests: 8
Local transport: Cab and auto
Exertion level: Easy
Accommodation: Hotels
Meals: Lunch and Tea/coffee snacks included
Type of photography: Portrait

Can Be Arranged Upon Request:
Up to 3 Nights Hotel accommodation with private bath and toilet
All meals and non-alcoholic beverages
Ground transport

*The additional cost hast to be born by the individual

Transport to/from Workshop Location
Visa for India
Alcoholic beverages
Travel insurance

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