3 Ways You Can Perfect Focus Even At F/1.4

We all love shooting with fast lenses. They give us a wider aperture that allows us to click on faster shutter speeds.

But getting a sharp and accurate focus is not very easy, especially when you are shooting at f/1.4 or lower. But there are some helpful methods you can follow to perfect sharp focus, even at f/1.4.

In this below video, Manny Ortiz, a Chicago based portrait, and wedding photographer has shown 3 ways that can help you in nailing focus every time.

1.Eye AF

Eye AF is one of the best features available in Sony Cameras. This feature detects an eye of the model(even when the eyes are closed) automatically and instantly focuses on it. When your model moves, this feature allows your camera to track them and keep the eye still in focus. In the words of Manny,”It’s almost like cheating.”

I wonder why other camera companies have not explored this feature in their camera models. For those of you who are not a Sony camera user, do not worry and read on.

2.Single/Flexible Spot

Manny advises on using Single/Flexible Spot AF if your camera does not have the eye AF feature. But you should be well aware of the AF capabilities your camera possesses. Like, the Canon 6D, that Manny used to work with before, had reliable AF points only in the middle. The focus points on the edges of the frame were not very consistent. So, to compose something that’s not in the center of the frame, he used the “focus and recompose” method to perfect the focus on the model’s eye.

3.Back Button AF

If neither you nor your model move around too much during a series of shots, you can go for the back button AF. It lets you separate the focus from the shutter and helps you to focus using the back button, recompose and take multiple shots. Without the back button AF, you would have to find the focus every single time you recompose the frame. If your camera lacks a dedicated back button AF, most cameras let you assign a button and use it for this purpose.

I usually prefer using the second technique for obtaining the perfect focus with a wide aperture. Sometimes I prefer focusing manually too. But I do not find that very easy and comfortable.

What’s your preferred method to get the perfect focus at f.1/4? Let us know in the comments.

[via DiyPhotography]

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