Ideas to rock your Wedding Photography off the beat

Certain things go on seasonally like that of Weddings. They start, gear up, mark their pace and attain hibernation. But, nevertheless, besides the busy blocks in the seasons, there comes a time off-the-beat. And then there arrives the golden moment, of not letting these freebies go just like that.

So, furnish your off-season days by considering below points about wedding photography marketing ideas.

Content Marketing – “The Blogging way”

  1. Blog it on your page and share the multi-dimensional take-away from your wedding shoots covered. The posts should be in regular intervals of time. You are creating a record in publishing your works with all your passion, making the client happy and the on-lookers search easy.
  2. You can re-blog the way you want, looking around the wedding fits and the wedding blogs you love, catch a fix and then send it.
  3. Asking for something isn’t bad. Here, it refers to ask a friend who loves blogging and can contribute for a guest blog considering your work of interest. On doing so, you create a platform of being an industry expert, where people can tweet/talk about! This adds as a credibility factor to your account.

Social Networking- “The Tagging & Posting way”

  1. To make a move softly in the digital world of marketing, tag all the photos you can. Go through the older ones, ask your friends, friends’ of friends and encourage them to get going with the tags. In this way, you enrich the content and thereby the tags show up in the newsfeed spreading around.
  2. You can go on Instagram, at any given point of time. Tag, upload, and share, moreover keep updating your Instagram profile. If you feel certain photos you posted earlier aren’t relevant in the current date, remove all those at the same stance and unfurl with new sets of cool picchas.

Actual Networking

  1. Hunt for venues- The best thing that compliments a photograph is the venue selection. You ought to drop down at varied venues, meet with respective managers, make friends, interact and sell your idea for choosing their place to shoot and later, show them the gratitude for their valuable time rendered by emailing them back the shots of their spot with unique features.
  2. Friend a Planner- Catch up with a planner, who is into a lot of weddings and stuff, but is not having any exclusive photographer for a referral. Exchange few words, sit, talk, eat and discuss with them and give them a complimentary session. That’s how you make friends’ right? They get to know you a little better and vice versa, that follows a tinge of marketing and then give them the joy of sitting in front of your camera! At the end of the conversation, you would have shaken hands in referring yourself for many such forthcoming weddings.


Showing up Interest

  1. Volunteer- Find out if there’s any organization, whose vision you support. Step a move forward voluntarily to capture an event or so, in a way to get connected to people in your community, and mark your luck for getting potential future clients.
  2. Go Creative- There is always constant quench of thirst for something new and something out of the box. To enlighten the mood swings with creativity, shoot a series of beautiful image driven content, giving a great boost from a fun blog point of view. Playing it right will enrich the potential in your business!
  3. Keep Posting- whatever you do, wherever you go, make people aware of your shoots and shots. Reach the target market, catch those attention seekers and get your bookings done!

So what are you waiting for? Go, get started with a bang! #Click-Xlick-Go

Deepak Vijay is one of the leading wedding photographers based out of Bangalore. You can check out his works here on Instagram @deepak_vijay_photography


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