Becoming a Pro Photographer

Do you aspire of becoming a pro photographer? Then, just a DSLR won’t help. You ought to learn the hands-on techniques. To help you out, we are here with some of the basics as follows:

1. Always be Prepared

Sometimes, we think we are all set for the final move, but sometimes we are proved wrong. So to avoid last moment hunches, we need to have a cross check of the necessary things, like carrying a battery back-up, how much charge is left in the device, whether memory card is put in the slot, are tools to be used intact, etc. and so on. And if you happen to try out some new techniques, be sure to get some tips about the same beforehand and not just blindly get onto experiments coz results shall be quite uncertain.

2. Grab Your Focus Zone

Get started with things you’re genuinely interested with. Don’t get involved in too many things and get swayed away from your concentric circles. Opportunities will follow once you create an impression in the minds of people with your work.

3. Respect for Work and from Client is a Must

Building the confidence in the eyes of the artist is highly essential. In this way, it boosts up your potential to move ahead and try to improve further better. So, it is necessary to choose the best-suited projects ensuring timeliness and dedication.

4. Work Harder Than Anyone You Know

It’s very easy to get distracted but then it’s you who needs to focus within the range of your concentric circles. This shall encourage you more to get addicted towards your work, and adding on this will enrich your hidden limit and boost you up from inside-out.

5. The Signature Style

To carry your unique style of art is what makes you stand different amongst the crowd. Don’t just follow things, make people follow you. Also at the same time, don’t become too much adamant or ignorant that you don’t hear out. Be humble and receptive always to grow. Don’t just come to any conclusion being judgmental at one go!

6. Lighting Basics

It is not at all mandatory to know every bits and piece of lighting equipment and stuff related there. At the same time, mastering few basic techniques can help to step out and make the best use of it for creating best shots.

7. Brand Value & Building Rapo

Staying honest with your work is quintessential and so focus on doing good work, rest shall value. For the sake of mere bucks, do not compromise on your values. Never forget, achieving the best results you focus on shall give you the pride in doing your job. Do not just waste time showing off or leveraging things. Spending genuine time with some productive world will help you win people’s mind and co-create a relation. Remember to always choose the right people and utilize the effective time. People shall genuinely come to you when required.

8. Get your own

Once you built up your purchasing power, instead of continuing on renting, devise your own set, so that you can take it wherever and whenever you want and you shall be not entitled to any such time frame. This shall improve your, learning chores along with experimentations, creating new styles and lighting setups.

9. Stop Chattering

There are certain discussions that should be restrained within your walls, some sort of confidential stuffs shared with full of trust and confidence, do not shatter it out by making a point of discussion and blabbering out. It’s important to keep a control on the senses since the aftereffects can be certainly harmful. So do not gossip which takes any time to fly from one point to another.

10. Maintain Records

You may not realize the importance of organizing your documents initially but gradually you might need it and nobody shall be there to help you out. Hence, make sure to always file your invoices, model releases, contracts, pitches, mood boards, correspondences, etc.

11. Legal Advice

Freelancing is fun till you are working with full awareness. There will be many who want to sue you for something, infringe upon your copyright for another. So, stay informed, make yourself aware of the laws and the regulations. You have a boon called Google for everything and also at the same time, find and network with people who practice Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

12. Sign With Style

Whenever you take up any assignment, make sure to do something different every time. Be real honest with your passion and primarily understand the sole requirement of your client since many times, upon verbal conversations, we happen to perceive something and the requirements carve out to be something else. So, a crystal clear clarity with relentless dedication towards your focus area will do wonders.

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Ilya Nodia

Ilya Nodia hails from Moscow, Russia. This prolific photographer does not just give the world photos. Instead, what Ilya does is draw on his own feelings and experiences and create cinematic photos which have a dramatic flair to them. He himself claims to be attracted towards people in historic, rousing & fascinating settings and challenges in production. Check out his works on Behance.

*All pictures used in this blog are copyrights protected and it belongs to Ilya Nodia.

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