We’re repeatedly exposed to advertisements throughout the day, every day. They’re on our phone apps, on our televisions, on the websites, on the road and they follow us everywhere!

Advertising and Public Relations(PR) act as one of the major factors in boosting up the brand value of a person, company or an organization.

And as a photographer in this digital era, we all need it too!

But with so many photographers and their advertisements in the market, it becomes a tad bit tough to stand out from the rest. And due to that, photographers lose clients and a lot of them vanish into the darkness!

Thus, to save yourself from this tragedy, you need CREATIVE ADVERTISEMENT.

What is Creative advertisement?

‘Creative Advertisement’ is a form of advertising that draws our attention by appealing to our intellect and sense of humor and makes us think.

Research suggests that less than 4% of all the ads we see, leave a long-lasting impression on us. And this is the lucky spot that Creative Advertising occupies.

I have scanned the web to collect some of the best creative advertisement examples for you to learn from and hope you will apply it to your portfolio and better your business!


1. Create From Nothing.

This image by Amol Jadhav, featuring a couple and their baby in an animal adoption ad, really touches the viewer with its clever composition and layered interpretation. There is not a single extra element in this image. It’s effective and is going to stick to the mind of whoever sees it.

With just 3 people, great lights, and some retouching work, It’s a perfect example of how you can create something from nothing.

2. Build Character in Your Image.

This Rolling Stone advertisement is a fantastic example of how you can show character(guitar and passion) with a prop(model of ribcage and heart) and a tagline “We are made of Rock.”

You can use simple objects and create a character in them to tell a different story. All you need to do is explore!

3. Minimalistic, Yet Impactful!

This image is an interesting example of how you can use very minimal representation and come up with an impactful idea!

Plant for the Planet picked something as simple as a leaf and designed a skyline within it to spread a powerful message with a little bit of an artistic touch.

4. Fictional Concepts.

Some ads fascinate us, others make us wonder in marvel. With some digital manipulation and retouching, you can show a story in a single frame.

This beautiful & illustrative ad by Saatchi & Saatchi was created for the promotion of Shchusev State Museum of Architecture. The photographs display famous landmarks & showcase the fictional worlds below them with the tagline ‘Discover the full story’.

The lesson here is displaying parts of a story with a bigger picture in mind. This campaign is powerful because of its concept.

5. Sense Of Humor!

Even though advertising is a serious business, you can use humor as a tool in your images to relate to people.

This above advertisement by the advertising agency Duval Guillaume, may not be the most artistic campaign but it does hold one’s attention. It makes us laugh!

This quirkiness will attract clients and boost your portfolio.

6. Break the pattern!

This is a very effective concept that Volkswagen used in one of its ad campaigns. With the tagline ‘A bad part affects the entire system’ and a line up of people with one rebel breaking the pattern, it clearly puts its point across.

Our eyes are always attracted to patterns. By breaking a pattern, you can effectively make the element stand out just like the rebel in the above image.

7. Social Awareness.

Amnesty International makes really powerful ads. Instead of tricks or bold colors, they show us moments frozen in time, like the above picture. The connection between a family watching TV and the content shown on it relates you to the family aspect and how some families live in more brutal and different reality.

Photographs that showcase reality in their truest form can be very powerful and relate to people on a massive scale. You can focus on such social awareness campaigns and spread your message as well as your talent globally!


So what did we learn from these ads?

As a photographer, the most important lesson is to take your creativity to the next level. And how you approach your photoshoots makes a huge difference. Therefore, build a strong portfolio with such interesting photographs that stand out and let you carve a name out for yourself in the industry.

Also, check out one of my favorite photographers, Von Wong | A force to reckon with.

[via Depositphotos]

Cover Image credits: desicreative

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