Boats Turn Into Floating Studios! When Photographer’s Take A Eurotrip

Can you imagine yourself traveling across Europe on a boat?

Now imagine this boat is yours!

And If you are a photographer, imagine that you have modified that boat into a floating studio! Imagine if you could sleep, eat, work and live in it? And best of all, you’d be doing all that while you were floating in the waters of Europe!

Now, it might sound like a dream come true, but for German photographers Maciej Markowicz and Claudius Schulze, this is a reality! Snuggled up in a cozy blanket with ethereal lights illuminating the room, and a beautiful landscape right outside the window, the two photographers travel around Europe using their project 2Boats.

When the lives of these two photographers coincided, one of them, Claudius Schulze, was already living on a boat that he had transformed.

This was just some idea of me and a couple of friends to build a boat from nothing, so all we started with was just a little bit of wood from a DIY store and this is what it is now – a floating anything and everything,” said the photographer, who for this project has turned his home into a creative art hub, a space for discussions and workshops.

Visitors are welcomed aboard to participate in a dialogue on vision, formation, creation and the environment as well as observe the artists’ photography,” states this boat’s description on the project’s official page.

The other photographer, Maciej Markowicz, had been dreaming of building a boat as a project since 2012 when he had made the first sketch for what now is called Obscurabusa floating camera obscura. His dream, right now, is a reality inside of which the visitors can see unique projections of the city he is visiting and introduce themselves to his work.

The traveling photographers had started in November 2017 from Hamburg and have so far visited Amsterdam, Paris, and Berin, where they are planning to spend the upcoming spring. They are planning to head back to Hamburg in June for the city’s Triennial of Photography.

[via LifeBuzz]

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