Canon’s Vision: Digital Fingerprints on Cameras and Lenses

These days it’s all about innovation and technology.

Let it be smartphones, computers or our DSLRs, we all wait for the latest upgrades to our devices. Now, when it comes to fingerprints; computers and smartphones have been having them for a few years now. But it seems DSLRs will soon catch up.

Recently, Canon, the Japanese camera giant has patented the idea of fingerprint ID sensors for its camera bodies as well as lenses to protect your images and prevent your cameras from being stolen.

The patent (US Patent Application 20180012061), initially noticed by Northlight Images, is not limited to just a security lockout. The fingerprint sensor could be customized just like any other Custom Function button in your camera and let you use different fingers to control image stabilization, autofocus, etc. just by scanning your finger while you are shooting.

When it comes to security, the fingerprint reader can completely lock out your gear. It can also customize the camera for multiple users and default to their custom settings once scanned in. The idea, so outdated on smartphones, appears positively futuristic when applied to cameras.

The Patent says:

“An electronic apparatus includes an authenticator configured to identify registered finger information that coincides with detected finger information by matching the detected finger information with the plurality of registered finger information in a predetermined order, an executor configured to execute a function corresponding to the registered finger information identified by the authenticator, a user identifier configured to identify the actual user among the plurality of registered users by acquiring user identification information representing the actual user or by performing a determination process configured to determine the actual user, and a controller configured to change the predetermined order according to the actual user identified by the user identifier.”

Here’s hoping this is one patent that will eventually see the light of day in real Canon products.

What do you think? Is this a cool feature? Let us know in the comments.

[via NewCamera]

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