Clean Your Camera Lens With Candle Soot

Camera lens cleaning pens utilize fine carbon particles to help neatly expel smudges from your glass. Do you know what else has carbon particles? here is how picture taker Mathieu Stern shows how you can utilize normal light ash to get indistinguishable cleaning power from mainstream lens pens.

In the event that you get fingerprints or another sleek smudge onto the front of your lens, utilizing a common microfiber cleaning material can spread the oil around as opposed to evacuating it. Ash serves to rapidly evacuate the majority of the oil with only a couple of rubs, and you can make some ash by waving a spoon around over an open light fire.


Once you have a nice coating of soot on your spoon, transfer some onto a microfiber cloth with a quick wipe.


Give your oil-coated camera lens a few good rubs, and voila! A crystal clear front element. You can also find more of Stern’s videos by subscribing to his popular YouTube channel.

via : Petapixel

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