Daredevil Photographer Shoots Amazing Photographs From The Skies

Photography is Passion! And some photographers take this passion a notch higher with their level of dedication to their craft.

But today, I will introduce you to a photographer who has literally taken his passion to the skies!

Meet Jin-Woo Prensena !!!


Based in Los Angeles, Jin-Woo Prensena is a fine art photographer who loves to click amazing aerial shots from the skies. Going old-school, against the popular trend of clicking aerial shots using a drone, this daredevil photographer hangs out of a helicopter in the skies and shoots breathtaking images of the world from up above.



Prensena first came up with this idea three years ago and partnered with his friend, helicopter pilot Aaron Fitzgerald of Airborne Images.

Since then, he has been doing such daring photoshoots hanging off a helicopter with few harnesses and cables attached to his back, for safety; while Fitzgerald pilots the helicopter at upwards of 7,500 feet in the air.

He uses a Phase One XF 100 Mega Pixel medium format camera to get the maximum detailing in his photographers.


Here’s a video of him doing his daredevil acts while his pilot friend guides the chopper:

While photographing, Prensena has to struggle with the fierce wind that constantly waters his eyes and shakes the camera. Also, the loud noise of the helicopter makes it impossible for him to hear his camera’s shutter. But he loves what he does and clicks unbelievable images!

Shooting with 100 megapixels helps Prensena to sell his photoprints in giant sizes that measure up to 58×103 inches (~4.8×8.6ft and 147x261cm). Those amazing prints become instant attractions when hung up on walls of his clients, giving him a huge word-of-mouth marketing.

Here are some amazing pictures shot by Jin-Woo Prensena:

Prensena is now planning to exhibit his photos in different places around the world. To see more of his work, visit his website and Instagram account.

[via PetaPixel]

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