French documentary photographer captures drastic changes in the world due to global warming.

walking in the mist.

A series by French documentary photographer William KEO showing transformation of the Senegalese landscape by drought. 

Do you know what a fairy mist is?

It was in the Middle Ages that this phenomenon was first reported by Crusaders who, sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, claimed to have seen fantastic castles reflected in the mist near the Strait of Messina (between Italy and Sicily). It takes its name from Morgan le Fay who was accused of causing these mirages, the Fata Morgana. The Saloum Sine delta (Senegal) was dry. What was part of the mangrove was just an extended beach of hard sand, on which the sky and the earth merge. The lights and landscapes danced on the horizon that gave a mystical dimension to this place, like a fairy mist. At that time, Senegal was going through a low-intensity water crisis, but it was important enough for it to be visible.

The dryness of the region gave another landscape to this place, once green, it had become dry, yellow and bright. “Walking in the Mist” is a journey along the Saloum Sine dealing with the transformation of the Senegalese landscape by drought. 

source ;- behance

via :- william keo

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