Location doesn’t matter to show your master skills in Photography

Location doesn’t matter to show your master skills in Photography, all that requires is to find something fascinating in a boring place. You might not always get the great place to shoot but then, you need not get demotivated from that, all you need to do, is grab your camera bag, and focus on the unfocused thing. This will drive attention, and you never know people might go gaga over it. So it’s advisable to drive against your comfort zone. This brings out the more ‘creative you’ version.  So why not try taking up a project in an unusual location sometimes?


Street Photography is gaining momentum day-by-day but you might not be aware, that the places you hesitate to click, be the ones’ you have been seeking for. At times, we fear to take a step, similarly, we fear clicking shots that we feel might not turn out the way we expect to. So, let that fear drive us out from our cozy comfy zone and mind it, an uncertain step put forth, may turn out to be an exceptional one. Now, what are you waiting for?

You might not be knowing everyone out there on the road, but then you might have an opinion on different contexts, so why only ponder inside, swipe that out, publicize your verdict through your lens, that’s one way to get socially connected with the actual occurrences.

Have a look on this project by Ilya Nodia on Behance. “Portraits of passers-by. England

As we look out for passion in photography, we strive to explore exotic places, only for shooting but ain’t that necessarily true. The essence lies in one’s grass root even, no matter wherever you are or be, the angle of considering things needs to be altered and probably then the assumptions will have no place to stay back.


Stop complaining, and enjoy the present moment you’re breathing in because excuses and complaints can be in plenty and endless but the strive to embrace from within the surroundings and converting into a royal exposure will take everyone’s breath swayed away.


To keep inspiring people in clicking, the first prime thing is stay inspired in your subject, the pull-back shall follow and to make that happen, click with all your heart and not just wander in search of making objects appear to be vibrant. Don’t worry, at times things might not work as you tend to apprehend about, then just follow your heart, follow your intuition, the latter will follow your skill.

Ilya Nodia

Ilya Nodia hails from Moscow, Russia. This prolific photographer does not just give the world photos. Instead, what Ilya does is draw on his own feelings and experiences and create cinematic photos which have a dramatic flair to them. He himself claims to be attracted towards people in historic, rousing & fascinating settings and challenges in production. Check out his works on Behance.

All pictures used in this blog are copyrights protected and it belongs to Ilya Nodia.

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