Learn 5 Creative Ways To Use a SoftBox.

Softboxes are some of the most fundamental and versatile lighting modifiers out there, and they are a great tool for anyone looking to learn how to use artificial lighting and build their skills. This educational video will show you five different ways to use softboxes and give you some helpful tips for using them.

Coming to you from Miguel Quiles, this helpful video will show you five different ways to use a softbox in studios. Softboxes are great modifiers to get started with: they are very easy to set up and relatively cheap compared to most modifiers. In addition, if you do not own dedicated monolights, there are many that can accept speedlights, making them a cheap way to begin practicing if you already own a Speedlight or two. One setup I have always really enjoyed is the clamshell setup, but I could never really get on board with using a reflector as the fill, as I could never control the power to balance with the key light the way I wanted. As Quiles shows, you can solve this problem easily by adding a Speedlight with a small softbox where the reflector would be. This is just one of the useful setups; check out the video above for the full rundown. 

via:-Miguel Quiles

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