Know How To Click Daytime Long Exposure Photographs? Learn It here

Long exposure photographs really look amazing, don’t they?

But clicking them is not that easy! Takes a lot of patience, energy, time and several clicks to perfect a long exposure photograph.

Most photographers who have tried their hands at long exposure photography would easily agree with me when I say, “It’s easier taking long exposure photographs at night than during daytime.”

The reason being, daytime already has more than enough light for a normal picture, let alone a long exposure photograph! It gets really difficult to control light when one shoots long exposure during the daytime.

If you want to try your hands at daytime long exposure photography but not sure how to jump in, here’s a great and simple, 12-minute tutorial on this subject by photographer Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography.

Karnacz covers all the basics and teaches by showing. He made the video during a trip to Whitby in North Yorkshire, England, during which Karnacz captures three long exposure photos, each in a different location.

Here, they are:

Karnacz says, “One of the really nice things about long exposure photography is it says to the viewer that it’s not just a snapshot. You have literally put the time and the effort in it to capture something different than anyone else walking by would have captured.”

To find more of his videos and work, you can check his YouTube channelwebsite, and Instagram.

Have any doubts or some better tips? Please comment below and let us know!

[via PetaPixel][Cc:PSDesire]

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