Learn How To Create Stop Motion Animation In Just Less Than 2 Minutes.

The video features Adobe Evangelist Julieanne Kost, who shows you the whole process from start to finish in just over two minutes. Obviously this doesn’t involve actually shooting the images themselves, but everything from that point on is covered.

Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique in which objects are physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion when the series of frames is played back as a slow sequence.

The steps involved are:

  1. Open your sequence “as layers” in Photoshop
  2. Open the Timeline Window and click “Create Frame Animation”
  3. Import your layers into the Timeline panel as individual frames
  4. Adjust the frame delay and looping settings as needed
  5. Export in whatever format you prefer

It’s nothing complicated or groundbreaking. Just a concise breakdown of exactly how to create a stop motion animation using Photoshop, without anybody telling you to subscribe or smash the like button. Can’t beat that.


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