Montage: The Most Successful and Fulfilling Photography Event We Have Ever Hosted

2 more Beer Please!

Waiter: “We are extremely SORRY, Sir, the stock is over. There’s just only one beer left.”

So do you wanna have a beer? Yeah, well rightly heard, “wanna have some beer?”; but the challenge is, to catch hold that one last beer in the town for one last time. Sounds crazy? Yeah! So, certainly, something similar happened in one of the unique workshop conducted by GlamFlame at Horn-Ok Please, Bangalore, India.

The Concept and The Idea Generation:

It was a conversation going between the duo partners when suddenly a voice interrupted saying, “Excuse me, sir. Sorry Sir, but we just have only one beer left and there are many who have ordered before you guys, for having that one last beer. So, there the idea was born to shape up the real life scenario into a concept of dramatics, creating an illusion for that one last beer in the city.

The Hunt for the Mentor:

Some action-packed musing with a twisted tale, very well yeah, that’s Ilya Nodia for you on this Montage Workshop. Ilya hails from Moscow, Russia and is a prolific photographer who actually colors his own feelings and experiences and brings out the best versions of cinematic photographs with a dramatic flair added onto them.

On personal interaction with Ilya, I found him to be a very passionate and fun-loving guy who showcases wonders in his amazing creation of quests within a very short span of time. The best part, when he cites, I always wished to visit India for once and I am thankful to GlamFlame for the opportunity.

So, How Ilya and Why Ilya?

As we keep researching on the works of the renowned photographers, one fine day we came across the featured list of Behance showcasing Ilya Nodia’s mesmerizing compositions. What distinguished him from others is the flair he has on Speed Lighting and Compositing and the distinctively interesting part is, his way of addressing and portraying, that can be applied in varied fields, be it advertising, fashion or wedding photography, and such credible marks makes him stand pivotal in the featured zone of Behance. So, we tried to connect him and upon a few video conversations and chit chats, Ilya agreed to fly from Russia all the way to India for the very first time. Ilya is easy-going, open-minded and a down to earth person whose innovative approach shall let you grasp a lot of learnings at the end of the day…

Deciding the Venue:

Initially, we planned to set up our workshop in the City of Dreams, yeah rightly guessed, that’s Mumbai, centrally located, and quite easily accessible to all. Upon getting the sky-high quotations from various kinda restaurants and pubs, we realized our budget is exceeding to be quite high. And after lot many ifs and buts, we freeze to the Silicon Valley, and upon exploring the nitty gritty for the workshop requirements, we landed up at one of our Partner’s owned gastro-pub, Horn Ok Please, located in the most accessible and happening area of the city. Horn Ok please, is a traveler’s kitchen. Encapsulates the highway culinary tradition and the experience presenting the quintessential Dhaba in a lighter and more fun ambiance. 


Did you by any chance, missed the Montage workshop conducted by team Glam Flame?? Then, I must say, you missed the biggest happening event in the city!!  Yes, indeed the happening Montage workshop organized by the team GlamFlame, an inadequate, agile and adaptable company comprised of creative and passionate photography and market professionals.

We organized one such Avant-garde workshop with a production cost of mere $9473, named Montage recently, which made the participants learn a very unique and innovative workflow. Participants were made aware of how to devise an advertising image in a professional look. Though video tutorials might help you with some basic stuff, but the personal touch that Ilya splashed in his mentoring session in this Montage workshop was simply commendable. Ilya took the participants on a journey of lights, camera, and action, where each individual’s participation with the Team GlamFlame can ever dare to forget. The learnings from this short span of a storytelling masterclass was so enticing that it enhanced the outlook of the images clicked on just a few shots of post-processing and made everyone feel wonder about the aura of the magical hues created.

The 3 days Workshop

Day 1: Learning- Knowing the Basics and getting comfortable with the workflow

Marked the beginning of the pre-planned workshop where all the registered participants were taken through the basics of the tricks and techniques, which helped in the easy-go flow for the Day-2 shoot as per the theme concept planned.

Day 2: Action-The Shoot Day

The entire setup covering the fight for the last one Beer, the Mafia Beer Lord, the supportive cops in action and the preparatory section where the beer was made illegally.

Day 3: Implementation/Output- The Post Processing

From the basic takeaways from Day1 and the action of shoots shot from Day-2, we arrived on the final day of the workshop where the participants gained knowledge regarding the processing of the images shot. So here is a .gif image for the sneak preview. 

The Challenges

To make the participants understand the concept behind, the minimum number of fine bests shots to click and how to make the best use of the total area of the venue “Horn_Ok Please!” well utilized is not that easy as it might seem to be. Also, at the same time, gathering the participants and taking them through a tour of the how’s and why’s.

Apart from the on-event challenges, there are certain specific off-event challenges as well:

  • People prefer to be ignorant irrespective of the fact that learning is a never-ending process. No matter how well equipped you are, or how well versed with the equipment you’ve been, the zest to learn consciously is a must but people don’t wanna spend their hard earnings on the process of learning. Strange but true.
  • Renowned Photographers are willing to take part but may be because of their egoism or the mindset of not seeking anymore is what they have adapted is making them stay backside of the stage.
  • There are those categories of newbies who are keen to know in depth from anything to everything but are unable to spend the aid amount which keeps them away from a major learning process.

Common Man, in general, is reluctant to buy new experiences, since they have presumed that majorly workshops are the source of looting money but reality is something different. We, at GlamFlame cater to a quite different genre of Photography Workshops to an extreme and where the focus is majorly made on more of participative learning, building of new innovative and distinguished concepts and stand bright.

That’s our Montage Saga conducted by GlamFlame, so gear up and stay tuned for our Upcoming Workshops!!

Thanks to The Crew

As the concept was finalized, the imaginative output was supposed to be described to the mentor Ilya and it’s just not possible from mere verbal talks or video converse. So we decided to seek help from this yet another imaginative company named “ShiJokes-The Caricature Boutique”, located in Bangalore who specializes in customized and personalized caricature products and services for the purpose of gifting. Upon discussing our entire idea with Mr.ShiJo Varghese who got convinced upon a cup of Coffee, gave a nod to proceed and brought up our concept into the paper making it more revealing.

Also, we are extremely grateful towards

The Fashion Entourage-Be Discovered”, an international model management agency, based in Bangalore, India.

Makeup Artist: Mr. Sandeep Gowda

Stylist: Valavi HS

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