New Samyang AF 14mm F2.8 EF Launched For Canon DSLRs

Samyang introduces its first Autofocus lens for DSLR cameras

Designed originally to be used on full-frame Canon DSLRs, the new Samyang AF 14mm F2.8 EF lens can also be put on cameras that have APS-C sensors, with a field of view equivalent to a 21mm lens on full-frame.

In terms of outer design, the new optic looks very typical, with a bulging front element without any filter thread and a large petal-type hood on top for protection. As far as the looks are concerned, it has the similar minimalistic essence to that of Samyang’s AF lenses for Sony E-mount, with a smooth black barrel and a finely-striped manual-focus ring with a metallic red accent in front, and a silver one behind. The major difference is the new focus-mode switch on the side of the barrel.

In spite of its almost identical name to the already existing Samyang AF 14mm F2.8 FE for Sony mirrorless cameras, this lens is designed very differently, in order to accommodate the extra lens – sensor space due to the SLR mirror box. Its optics employ 15 elements in 10 groups, which include 4 high-refractive (HR) elements, 2 aspherical elements & 1 extra-low dispersion (ED) glass element, which makes it very distinctive from the manual focusing Samyang 14mm F2.8 IF ED MC Aspherical lens for DSLRs, which has a 14-element construction. The newer design of optics help in reducing distortion and chromatic aberration to a minimum and gives crystal clear resolution in the images.



The evenness in the image quality from the center to the corner appears distinctly on its MTF chart:

In their press release, the company claims,”This lightweight wide-angle lens inherits the renowned image quality of Samyang’s wide-angle series and delivers a quiet, fast and accurate autofocus system.” Weighing at 485g without the lens cap and hood, it is, to some extent, lighter than its equivalent, the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM. And it also costs a third of the price of the latter.

High Usability

The lightweight and minimal movement of the focusing lens group enables the lens to have silent autofocusing with high accuracy. It also gives a wide angle view of 116.6 degrees which lets you click landscapes, interiors, and architecture very well. The lens also features weather-sealing, making it highly promising for travel and landscape photographers.


For now, there’s no news from Samyang on the lens being available in other mounts, but it seems appropriate that a Nikon F mount should follow soon.

The lens will be available globally from February for an approximate price ranging between ₹56000 to ₹61000.

For more details, check out www.intro2020.co.uk


[via Amateur Photographer]


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