Nostalgia Of Photography

To be a successful photographer ones need to connect with his/her audience to the emotional level. That emotion could be awe, desire, sadness, longing, or any number of the plethora of human emotions, but there needs to be an emotion. 


The photographs needs to speak for themselves even if it do not match to every audience way of thinking.  Photographer Jim like Mortram experts in connecting the emotion of his audience. The images that instantly reminded us of what we love most about photography. They were timeless, iconic, melancholic, soulful images. They were nostalgic.

place called nostalgia…

Jim Mortram photographs always take us back to the place where we have been somewhere at one point in our life. A place we call ‘nostalgia’. A place we find ourselves drawn to and rarely visit by choice.

 Images created by William Klein on the streets of Fifties New York, by Roger Mayne in post Second World War West London, by Eugene Smith in the battle-scarred landscape of Okinawa and by Don McCullin in the battlefields of Vietnam. These photographers created images that were at their best capable of suspending the concept of a specific time of capture. Their pictures remain lastingly contemporary and pertinent in light of the fact that they address the watcher about a mutual condition, a perspective, an internal inclination.

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Vietnam War

To me a photograph should convey the connection that I cannot explain in any language, that makes me use my hand gesture while explaining and lost for words because it could be too relatable to my experiences, taking me back to that place ‘nostalgia’.

via : [The United Nations Of Photography]

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