When passion reflects from your clicks!

why just see as it appears to, why not dig deep into, from the lens you carry 😉

Have you ever wondered how the moon looks like? Just a round surface that you see from the window reflecting its bright light amidst the dark walls of your room. Is that what you have known?

Have you ever tried to approach the moon to some extent, though far-sighted but how about the actual surface? It’s just not the white round as we see from the normal eyes in the sky, there’s something more, indeed more. It ain’t just a white snowball, wondering what is it?

There you go!!

With a great sense of passion, and the willingness to click something different, something which upon seeing soothes the body, mind, and the soul, here are the uncommon clicks from the common man.

Yeah, that’s the moon, our moon, the beautiful moon.  Have a look, a deep thorough look…. It requires no further description, just a calm mind and upon visualizing the same, you get your eyes tranquilized.

Upon a few chitchats with this photographer, who happens to work for a renowned IT firm, he idealized to walk away from the city lights one fine evening by carrying his 300mm zoom lens. And fortunately it was that day of the year when one side of the moon is closest to the Earth, called the perigee, and the result is quite enticing as you can see. Sometimes, it’s actually good to get out of the hustle bustle moving to a blank zone, trying your hands on experimenting the shots of photography!!

There you go with another such mollifying sight.

Clarity on Focus and the soul intention of the intimacy of what you clicking is the mantra, as Anubhav speaks. Upon interaction, he specifies the details for this click as 500mm USM motor, 9 blade aperture, 7 element lens. He attains a deep passion for photography and that can be very well contemplated from his clicks.

He mostly uses manual focus for bright and distant objects. He cites, it’s the intuition and the comfort which plays a pivotal role. Of course, a stable hand will set it all right.

So what do you think, the moon stays far, like really far or would you concur as Anubhav quotes, “When the moon ain’t as far as it used to be.”

And the galaxy wanna take a look, here u go!

This is visible when the sky is devoid of light pollution, and rest is magic from Anubhav’s lens!


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