Patanjali Paridhan | A dreamy fusion of fashion and patriotism

From being an electrifying yoga master to a business rocker, Baba Ramdev has made considerable progress. Regardless of how one feels about Ramdev’s direction throughout everyday life, it is inarguably evident that he is a power to be figured with. For each individual who restricts his perspectives, there are many supporting his adventure. Patanjali Paridhan, Ramdev’s most recent endeavor, has at last advanced toward the promoting circuits. An ongoing video battle for the brand went live a couple of days prior and gave a sneak look to what it will convey to the table.

The special film has been conceptualized and made by an Indian advertising office named L&K Saatchi and Saatchi. The most striking thing about the ad is a jingle that plays all through its runtime. The chorale, “Tan man dhan, India ban”, catches the embodiment of the crusade with curtness. The vivid visuals and beautiful edges add another layer of profundity to the energetic yet perky topic of the limited time video. For example, towards the finish of the film, two or three outsiders are portrayed wearing clothing types from Paridhan’s gathering of ethnic wear. So also created shots combined with the adeptly synchronized jingle convey an enrapturing basic proclamation for the brand’s dispatch.

Patanjali Paridhan

So are you gonna show your patriotism by wearing Patanjali Paridhan? Do let us know in the comment section.

Via : COTW

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