Photoshop’s New Feature Will Blow Your Mind!

Adobe Photoshop is, undoubtedly, the best graphics and photo editing software of this generation. And with every new version and each new update, it continues making the workflow easy for us.

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s own AI(artificial intelligence), Photoshop cc 2018 has been recently updated to version 19.1 for both Windows and Mac, and has introduced an insanely brilliant feature named “Select Subject”. This feature lets you select a subject with just a single click!

Yes! Just one click! Unbelievable, right? Even I felt the same!

When you apply the Select Subject feature, the AI Sensei automatically detects the subject and makes an almost perfect selection. And later you can perfect and refine it using other selection tools.

There are three methods of accessing and applying this feature:

Select > Subject

For this method, as you can see in the image below, I have taken an image of a subject with a plain simple background which is comparatively easy to select.

To apply the new feature, all I have to do is open the Select menu in the menubar and click on SubjectAnd once I have clicked on the Subject option, Photoshop will automatically select the subject almost perfectly.

As seen in the above picture, the selection is accurate and saves a lot of time and effort.

Quick Selection/Magic Wand Tool

I have taken an outdoor image with a halo around the subject’s head as an example because selecting such subjects is really tough.

In this method, you have to first select the Quick Selection/Magic Wand Tool.

After selecting it, you will find a Select Subject button in the tool options as shown in the below image.

Click on the Select Subject button and Photoshop will load your selection.

The AI Sensei has done an amazing job considering that doing this selection manually would have been very difficult and time taking. But this feature has saved that trouble.

Select and Mask

I have taken the same image to carry out this method.

When you click on the selection tool, a Select and Mask option appears in the tool options as shown below.
Click on that option and it will open the Select and Mask workspace.

Click on the Select Subject option inside the workspace as shown in the image below.

And, as seen here, Photoshop has done a beautiful job and selected the subject perfectly, even in such difficult backgrounds. ‘Select and Mask’ gives the maximum flexibility in situations where the selection is not perfect. The Select and Mask workspace gives a lot of options and other selection features like the ‘Decontamination slider that lets you edit and refine your selection perfectly.

So these are the three methods in which you can use this new amazing feature ‘Select Subject’.

Here is a sneak peek video of this feature:

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