Top Places to Rent Photography Gears in Your City

Being a pro or amateur photographer you would agree to a fact that photography is an expensive hobby. To produce good quality images you must need high-end equipment, for some jobs, you might need multiple camera bodies and lenses. Most of us cannot stand to invest a huge amount of money for buying the best-in-the-segment cameras and lenses.

After saving for months or maybe for years, you may finally get your hands on your desired photography gears. And how horrible it is to know after a couple of months that an upgraded version of the same gear has been released?

Renting out gears can help you in so many ways.


So here are five key benefits of renting photography gears.

1. Try them out before buying

Trying out the stuff before you can buy and decide if it is the exact gear you are looking for and if it serving your photography needs. After some time you won’t repent if an another upgrade comes or failed to match your anticipations.

2. Save some money

You can save a lot more money by renting photography equipment for your shoots. On an average, you pay only 1% of the actual cost of the gear as the rent. If you do not do professional shoots that often, renting gears lens is a much reasonable option.

3. Less investment and more profit

You might have to wait for a long period to save for your ideal camera or lens, but would you say no to all the job offers you get during that period? You shouldn’t, rent gears and take up the projects and make some, then use that to purchase new gears. Isn’t that great?

4. Backup gears

Mostly for weddings, you would need at least two or maybe more cameras mounted with different lenses. Now owning all those cameras and lenses is no easy job but renting is.

5. Rent the latest gears

Renting can gain you access to all the latest cameras and lenses available in the market without even purchasing them.And we all know how awesome it is to us latest tech to use for your daily job.

It’s not easy for everyone to upgrade to the latest technology, knowing the fact that there would be up-gradation to this is well in few months.

To sum up the key benefits of renting photography gear, here is a look at the list:

  • Often more financially reasonable than buying.
  • Excellent way to have backup gears.
  • Lets you access to different and latest gears you wouldn’t normally buy.
  • No maintenance cost.

Here are some online rental services in India:

 How To Rent

Get in touch with the rental firm as early as possible to make sure the equipment is available; this is very important if you have, say, a big sporting event coming up in your area. First-time renters: Don’t hesitate to phone or Internet chat with any questions or concerns. Book the lens for that date. Don’t forget to examine the item carefully to make sure it’s fully functional and came with all accessories it was supposed to (e.g., lens cap).

Happy shooting 🙂

Do let us know in the comment section In case if you know a new renting firm and want us to mention it on our blog.

Via Popphoto,The Photography Blogger

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