The Hippies Hostel in Goa

GOA! A significant  Part of the Hippie Trail of the world, Goa is on every travelers’ checklist for the insight of peace and euphoria that it offers. The ultimate paradise for party lovers, the haven where parties only start but end only when you walk out – where on one side you can find peace and tranquility, and on the other, all the noise and fun.

This was not the first time I have been to Goa but it was definitely my first time in a Hippies Hostel. We had a mind boggling experience of three days stay in this amazing hostel of Goa and an out of world feeling was waiting for us. The hippies, come from different parts of the world and make this a place of varied experience. The whole ambiance of the hostel adds to the mood of the residents. Colorful walls and roofs make it enjoyable enough. The total place reflects a junky mood.

People here, have a distinctive outlook and approach towards living the life. They do not seem to care much about all the luxuries of life but they live in their own world of inefficiencies. They like cooking themselves, do their daily chores, and enjoy the life to the fullest. What seems fancy to us is useless for them. They seemed to be like a big fan of the Indian culture and follow many Indian traditions like mehandi, ethnic jewelry etc. They are pretty comfortable and proud about it.

They live life to the fullest. Partying is a routine for them. In Indian society, drugs are not accepted wide and open but they treat it as a part of their living. Above right or wrong, they just do what they feel like doing.

Nonetheless, they have a world of love and they value it. Away from their families, they make new families and friends. Its one way of dealing with harsh life. Though not openly accepted but a different approach indeed.

It was a lifetime experience being with them for few days. Experience to treasure, love to cherish and friends to keep, so much we got in our bag….

Mousam Pattanaik

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