Things to remember when you are starting out as a photographer

“An artist cannot fail. It is a success just to be one.” Charles Horton Cooley

There could not be a truer statement. All artists, photographers included, should be commended for being brave enough to be artists in today’s world. This is not to say that photographers are not plagued with doubts about their work at moments. It happens to the best of them when questions like ’How do I take a shot that good with a beginner gear like mine?’ or ’How will I ever be able to amass a clientele just on the basis of my photos?’ crop up stealthily on you like a sneaky burglar.

To put it very bluntly-excuses. These and all others like them are excuses behind which beginners hide behind which only stops them reaching their own potential. Here are a few reasons to help all the beginners out there to move beyond all such mental shackles and be a go getter.

1. Everyone had to start from nowhere & nothing to reach somewhere & something.

Let’s face it. Photographers before us have started with much less and have gone on to become legends. Waiting for negatives to find out how ghastly your photographs are, anyone? Photographers today at least have the privilege of digital photography. We can correct any screw ups the moment we see them.

2. Trust your instincts.

If you are genuinely passionate about your photography, you need to ask yourselves some tough questions. For example, do you really need to upgrade your gear or do you just want to? Do you think the gear will pay for itself by bringing you more work or is it simply going to be a risky investment? Be truly honest with yourself and your art & you will get answers to dicey questions easily enough.

3. Just pick a Camera,Whichever it may be.

Psst…a secret for your eyes only- Pick up Nikon’s lowest DSLR camera, compare it with a top of the range camera from 10 years ago and you will get no prizes for guessing that  the Nikon is almost laughably better. So for those who think you need highly sophisticated gear in order to have a portfolio, the answer is no. Any camera from the house of any good brand manufactured within the past 5 years will do the job very nicely.

4. Impulsiveness is not a photographer’s best trait.

Trust me on this. You are going to regret it later if the moment the paycheque from your first shoot gets cashed, you start fantasising about going to exotic locations or to rope in models to add a feather to your portfolio’s cap. Remember we are humans and our lists are endless. So until the time the moolah starts making a regular appearance, follow the mantra- ’Save, Save & Save’. And treat yourself to some good food may be. That is allowed.

5. Have a loyal list of people who believe in you.

This is one factor which cannot be stressed enough. The world is, at times, a cruel place. It mocks & ridicules people, artists more often than not. Having people who believe in you even if you sometimes lose faith helps a lot. Indeed, it is the thin line between giving up and continuing for many. Keep your loved ones close and keep clicking pictures.

Good luck.

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