Think Negative : You Will Get a Positive Photographs…

Sounds odd isn’t that right? However trust it or not, the utilization of something many refer to as negative space can be extremely incredible in photography. However, what is negative space? The term is somewhat difficult to portray in words, however the most ideal way one can consider to depict negative space is the space that has nothing, or the absence of a subject or purpose of core interest. Things like skies are genuine instances of negative space. It can get a feeling of scale ways that are generally hard to achieve. Here are a couple of shots of this here on the blog as of late as sort of a “best in class” subject from different treks, however they additionally fill in as genuine instances of negative space. Investigate these shots again and consider them as far as the negative space, and how it upgrades creation:

Negative Space 1
Negative Space 2
Negative Space 3

See how empty or negative space can actually work to your advantage?  Like the examples show, skies work well in this regard, but you could use any negative space to better accent a photo or design.

via : Canon Blogger

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