Top 10 Most Famous Portrait Photographers In The World…

There’s something astonishing about a decent portrait photo – the stunning highlights of a human, the closeness and crude feeling of the subject in the picture and undeniably perfect composition makes you sense that you know the individual as your companion. The intensity of a picture is clear in these famous photography shots that we have compiled below.

The best photographers that we’ve chosen for the list have taken their portraits around the globe without the assistance of a studio environment. The portrait photography, for this situation, appears to be much increasingly legitimate and real to life, contrasted with staged pictures, as a portion of these individuals may be shot without precedent for their life. The subjects of these photos are indigenous individuals of small tribes from all around the world and speak to a photography part of movement representations.

1. Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is famous for his photo ‘Afghan girl,’ taken in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan. This photo was named the most recognized photo of National Geographic. His other less famous photos are really worth a look!

2. Lee Jeffries

His collection of black and white portraits of homeless people is unique and stunning. He depicts a glimpse of hope in the eyes of his subjects. Simply touching…

3. Jimmy Nelsson

Jimmy Nelsson is well-known for his portraits of tribal and indigenous people taken in more than 16 countries. His photos will live to tell the tale. Nelsson’s book is now a collector’s item.

4. Rehahn

Rehahn is specially focused on photographing Vietnam, Rajasthan and Cuba. He is famous for catching the soul of his subjects. Rehahn is undoubtedly one of the best portrait photographers in the world.

5. Eric Lafforgue

Famous for his photos taken in North Korea, Eric Lafforgue has a story for each person he has photographed. From the tribes of Namibia to the Yezedis of Kurdistan, his tales are fascinating and his photos depict some real emotions.

6. Manny Librodo

The ‘Photoshop wizard’ Manny Librodo’s photos don’t just tell a story, they are pure works of art.

7. Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine is a humanitarian photographer who documents indigenous cultures in more than 100 countries and portrays the human dignity in all of us. She is famous for her role in exposing modern day slavery.

8. David Lazar

These are breath-taking photos taken in Brazil, Bangladesh and Kenya. David Lazar is always in the pursuit of moments in life.

9. Joel Santos

The meaningful look of these portraits says it all. Joel Santos demonstrates the feeling of his subjects.

10. Phil Borges

His photos of Tibetan refugees are unique and the hardship is felt throughout his work.

source : Boredpanda

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