When Your Client Likes None Of Your Images! 😑

Has this ever happened to you?

You meet a new client. They like your portfolio and look forward to working with you. You decide on a session and hope to prepare yourself the best way possible to deliver the results that your client will be pleased with. On the day of the shoot, you click a lot of images and believe that the photographs will make the client really happy.

Then you send those images to the client to select the ones they like the most and bam! comes the reply mail:

“We did not like any of the images you have clicked.”

What do you do? Did you see that coming?

Well, most of us don’t! And that is what has happened to this photographer, Pedro Oliveira.


Pedro Oliveira is an award-winning, internationally published, street/ headshot/portraits, and journalistic-fine-art photographer, based in Portland, Oregon, and Orange County, California. Pedro has served models, actors, corporate/business communities, couples, and families for the past two years. Pedro is best known for his ongoing series of images of homeless people throughout the world, named Careful: Soul Inside.


Recently, Pedro did a shoot for a couple and sent them the images to select the best ones. They had to select just 5 awesome images out of the 80 images that Pedro had clicked of them. The next morning, he got a reply from the couple saying that they did not like any of the images from the entire session.

Yes! The couple did not like a single image out of the 80 images that were shot!

Can you imagine that?

Pedro was helpless and posted this issue in a Facebook group that goes by the name Photoshop and Lightroom.

According to Pedro:

I am not a beginner and had clients not liking this or that about a session, but not liking a SINGLE picture is the first time I am facing something like that. My contract doesn’t preview anything like that, so I am lost, and not sure what to say.


Here are 3 images of the 80 shots that he clicked.




The images look really beautiful and cinematic to me. Had I been the client, I would have been really happy with such photographs.

Is it that the client doesn’t want to pay or is it that the images genuinely suit their taste? Who knows!

These are some of the comments by the other photographers and retouchers present in that group:




You can check more works of Pedro in his website, Instagram, and Facebook

What is your take on this matter? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Photoshop and Lightroom

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