Why Dani Diamond Is The World’s Best Natural Light Photographer…

Grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and now lives in Connecticut with his wife Etty,  Dani diamond have become sensation in the field of photography for his brilliant photographs and effects using mainly natural light as lighting.


A few images seem easy while keeping up a fantastic impact on the watcher. Dani Diamond strolls through his procedure of using natural light in any condition, uncovering pictures with a particular recipe, and a definite correcting process. His amazing representations and signature style have taken control over all types of social media, from Facebook to Fstoppers. 

Besides his amazing talent, his sincere replies to his followers, making his bond stronger to his audience is what made him “the photographer”.

Something Dani believes is that you don’t need to be talented to be successful, but you need to be ambitious. He hopes to continue his career in fashion and portraits for the rest of his life.



GlamFlame is bringing Dani Diamond to India on 26th & 27th February 2019 for a workshop of Natural Light Portrait and Fashion Photography. So, with few more seats available get your tickets to learn photography and retouching under the watch of Dani himself.

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