Download This Supercool Photoshop Action For Free !😎

Have you ever tried seeing a 3D movie without the 3D glasses? Remember those colorful lines blurring out the visuals when you remove your 3D goggles?

Now that effect is known as Anaglyphs or the Stereo effect.

Have you ever tried achieving it in Photoshop?

Check out these images below.



I have created a Photoshop Action set for you that will help you do this effect with just one click.

Doing More With This Action

Check out the below image of my model friend Enric that I had shot previously.

After using the action, I applied Radial (Zoom) blur and Gaussian blur as per my taste on the whole image and did a little bit of masking on face area to keep it unaffected.


Download The Action Here.

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