Date: July 18th-19th 2020 | Vancouver, Canada
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2 Days of Extensive Newborn Photography Workshop

Sissi Wang workshop is an intensive posing & business learning program. Our goal is to teach you the fundamentals of Newborn Photography with hands-on practice session with new-born posing doll, as well as , about how to run a successful business. This workshop will cover both Studio light and Natural lighting so that you could cope with various situations either in-studio or in-home. Sissi will also cover newborn posing, wrapping, safety, parent/sibling posing, camera settings, tips and tricks, pricing and marketing your business. You will also learn how to maximize your saleable gallery within a limited time. In the post production part, apart from teaching you how to achieve perfect skin, Sissi will also walk you through how she shoots with a very basic setup and composes that into a fancy background. Sissi will also share her emails formats, contracts and workflow templates for attendees.

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Reasons Why You should attend a Sissi Wang workshop?

  • First of all, newborn photography industry is booming. You can make a really rewarding career and living out of it.
  • Probably the only thing which you can’t find in any new-bon photography workshops happening around, is the Hands-on Training Session. Doing all those complicated wrappings and making a baby pose who is just 10-20 days old is not as simple as it looks. It requires some hands-on training and this workshop can offer it to you.
  • Learning the end to end flow: We are covering both Natural Light and Studio Light plus the Post-production and Business part of it.
  • We (Team GlamFlame) have conducted so many new-born photography workshops till date, and if you ask us the 2nd reason is sufficient enough to attend this one. 


Sissi Wang, the founder of JustKidi Photography Studio, is a multi-award winning baby photography studio. Her studio is an internationally recognized studio and has been named one of the top 10 newborn photography studios in Sydney in 2018 and 2019. Sissi has become one of the most sought after photographers in the industry.

Being a design orientated photographer, Sissi likes utilizing home decor ornaments ie. floral, baskets, fluffy blankets etc to create Vintage, Romantic, and Simplicity/Purity styles. She has a keen eye for details, and her creativity is unparalleled, bringing her the success within a short period of 3 years since her studio founded.


The total cost for both the days of the workshop is CAD 1000/- per person. You can confirm your spot just by paying the booking amount of CAD 500/- (rest of the amount has to be paid between june 15th to 30th. For the remaining payment we will be also sending you an email when it’s due). In case if you want to make full payment the payment options will be shared upon inquiry.

The idea for this workshop is simple. We want to provide you more and more hands-on training to make you feel more confident while handling the newborn babies during the shoot. So the day one is all about the hands-on practice session with the newborn posing doll and the day two is all about shooting with real babies with different setups and editing them in photoshop.

Day One 10am-5pm

  • * Introduce my business, my studio and my workflow 

    * Fundamentals knowledge in newborn photography
       – Lighting, Posing, Camera Angles, Styling

    * Newborn Pre-session (presentation)
       – Planning for the session ahead
       – Preparing for the session
       – How to style setups to get the most out of your session

    * Wrapping Demonstration with dummy baby

       – Various Wrapping Technique Demo
       – Hands on practise 

    *Lunch Break (lunch will be served as well as refreshments)

           *During the session (newborn model 1)

    •    Studio/natural lighting for prop and/or beanbag setups
    •    Camera setting
    •    Angles, compositions
    •    How I light differently for different prop styles

    * Hands on practise 

Day Two  10am-5pm

     *During the session (newborn model 2)

  •    Studio/natural lighting for prop setup
  •    Shooting demonstration for digital composition
  •    Parents/sibling shots

* Hands on practise from styling to shooting 

Lunch Break

* Learn to style

  • Colour harmony principles in photography sessions
  • Inspirations
  • Exercise 

        * Post production

  • Newborn retouch, family/sibling shots retouch
  • Digital composition for newborn

         * How to operate your business


The total cost for both the days of the workshop is CAD1000/- per person. You can confirm your spot just by paying the booking amount of RM500/- (rest of the amount has to be paid between April 10th to 15th. For the remaining payment we will be also sending you an email when it’s due). In case if you want to make full payment the payment options will be shared upon inquiry.


In the ill-fated event if you wish to cancel your booking after the payment, you will receive a credit note that can be used to avail of any of our services listed on our website, for:

a) 100% of the amount if you cancel before 30 days of the Workshop date,
b) 50% of the amount if you cancel before 15 days of the Workshop date

No credit note will be issued for canceling 2weeks prior to the Workshop date or for failing to attend the Workshop without prior intimation, and no cash refunds will be made under any circumstances.


    • I am a complete beginner in photography. Is this Workshop recommended for me? Of course! GlamFlame always plans it’s workshop in such a way that both beginners and professionals can attend it. Our pre-workshop requisites are very well designed and informative. If you are a complete beginner, you should sign up for the Workshop right away, as we’re sure you’ll find it really helpful!
    • I don’t have a DSLR and have only a compact digital camera. Will this Workshop still be useful for me? Yes. The fundamental concepts of digital photography are common to DSLR and compact digital cameras, so it will still be useful, and you’ll be able to try a majority of the discussed concepts practically if your compact camera has manual controls. However, in order to make the most out of the Workshop, we recommend you hire a DSLR.
    • How do I register for the Workshop? You can register for the Workshop by clicking on the BOOK NOW! tab and filling out the registration form, or transferring the booking amount directly to our company account, details will be shared upon inquiry. You can reach us on +91-9620830837
    • How do I pay the Workshop fee? We have multiple payment options including online transfer, from which you may choose one as per your convenience. More details can be shared upon inquiry.
    • What should I get to the Workshop?
      • DSLR Camera
      • Flash transmitter/receiver for your camera (if not Canon)
      • 35mm, or 24-70mm lens
      • Spare camera battery
      • Your laptop with photoshop and lightroom installed on it
    • I have paid for the Workshop but cannot attend. Can I get a refund?
      Kindly check our cancellation policy. 


    • GlamFlame will not be responsible for canceling the event or for any individual missing the event due to natural calamities. 
    • GlamFlame workshops are within the abilities of average people in good health. We ask that you please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the activity levels of the workshops. By reserving a space in a workshop with a deposit, you certify that you do not knowingly have any physical or other conditions of disability that would create a risk for you or other workshop participants or workshop staff. Once your workshop payment has been made, medical circumstances will not be considered as exceptions to our cancellation policy. We assume no responsibility for medical care or for special dietary requirements.
    • GlamFlame reserves the right to take photographs or videos during the operation of any workshop or part thereof and to use the resulting photography in whole or in part for promotional purposes, including, but not limited to: advertising and publicity both in print and electronic media. By booking a reservation for any GlamFlame Workshop, participants agree to allow their images to be used in such photography; participants who prefer that their image not be used can inform us during at the commencement of the workshop. We also reserve the right to use, in all or in part, any written reviews you may provide to us in our advertising and publicity both in print and electronic media.
    • The type of workshops we offer requires flexibility and must allow for alternatives. For this reason, the workshop description must be taken as an indication of what may take place, and not as a contractual obligation.

By paying the workshop fees you are agreeing to accept all  the above terms & conditions.

Vancouver, Canada

July 18th-19th 2020

10:00 am to 06:00 pm (Both Days) 

Venue will be disclosed two weeks prior to the event date.


Local transport: Cab and auto
Exertion level: Easy
Accommodation: Hotels (not included in the fees)
Meals: Lunch and Tea/coffee snacks included
Type of photography: Newborn Photography
Weather in July: Average 25°C

Can Be Arranged Upon Request:
Up to 3 Nights Hotel accommodation with private bath and toilet
All meals and non-alcoholic beverages
Ground transport

*The additional cost hast to be born by the individual

Transport to/from Workshop Location
Visa for India
Alcoholic beverages
Travel insurance

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