Fashion and Fine-art Photography workshop

Date: May 11th-12th 2019 | Bangalore | Contact: +91-9620830837

Victoria is known for her creative storytelling through Fashion and Fine-art and is considered one of the trailblazers of conceptual photography in India.

Her images bear distinctive surreal style and on this workshop she is going to share tips and techniques of her entire process, starting with coming up with concepts and ideas, taking you through preparation process, the execution and finally the post-production of images.

This workshop and it’s creative environment will focus not just on practices, but also on her insights into creativity and tapping into experiences to make your work bear your own personality. Along with all this, it is also a great opportunity to

Master the Mighty Broncolor Lighting Equipment.


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Victoria (Viktoriia) Krundysheva is an award-winning Conceptual Fashion Photographer and Creative Director. Victoria is also the  Broncolor Gen NEXT Brand Ambassador. Through fiction fashion-based pictures with a touch of fine-art she is calling attention to major social and individual matters.

Her photo journey in India began in 2015 but since then she has already established her name in fashion & concept photography with her famous campaigns for Kompanero and Taj, and conceptual series such as Lost Indian Goddesses, The Dark Room and Inside featured on multiple Indian and international platforms. She promotes creative and socially conscious approach to photography and has been behind shooting conceptual campaigns for such brands as Titan, Hyper City; Celebrity fashion shoots for Manish Malhotra and many more projects.

All work of Victoria is inspired by her free spirit, metaphorical vision and attention to details. Her pictures are her personal meditation, way to connect with the world inside her and outside.

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The total cost of the workshop is INR ₹21,850/- per person. You can confirm your spot just by paying the booking amount of INR ₹9850/- (rest of the amount you can pay before or during the workshop). In case if you want to make full payment the payment options will be shared upon inquiry.

Course Content


1.Types of photography.
– General overview
2. Creativity
– What is creativity and how do you uncover it 
– How to get inspired
– Creative frameworks
– Creativity exercise
3. Understanding your voice and style in photography
– How do you deliver the concept while staying true to your style
4. Conceptual and fashion photography as tools of visual storytelling, social messaging
– What is conceptual photography 
5. Coming up with the concept
– Concept map and associations
– Role of symbols in photography.
– Role of composition in amplifying the message
– Light and color as backbone of conceptual shoots.
– Putting together a mood board
– Casting
– Styling
– Production

6. Exemplary photoshoot session with model

1. Post-production
– Editing conceptual image that was shot on Day 1
– Examples of how my previous projects were edited, introduction to process
– Selecting the images to reflect a singular idea
– Selecting the post-production to reflect the concept
– Colour Correction 
– Colour Grading
– Color toning
– Special Effects
– Layers and curves, masking and distortions
– Finding your style 
– Following the mood through editing


INR 21,850/- per person
Includes lunch, tea/coffee, snacks and applicable taxes. You can also confirm your spot just by paying the booking amount of INR 9,850/- (rest of the amount you can pay before or during the first day of the workshop). Payment options will be shared upon inquiry.


In the ill-fated event if you wish to cancel your booking after the payment, you will receive a credit note that can be used to avail of any of our services listed on our website, for:

a) 100% of the amount if you cancel before 30 days of the Workshop date,
b) 50% of the amount if you cancel before 15 days of the Workshop date

No credit note will be issued for canceling 2weeks prior to the Workshop date or for failing to attend the Workshop without prior intimation, and no cash refunds will be made under any circumstances.


    • I am a complete beginner in photography. Is this Workshop recommended for me? Of course! GlamFlame always plans it’s workshop in such a way that both beginners and professionals can attend it. Our pre-workshop requisites are very well designed and informative. If you are a complete beginner, you should sign up for the Workshop right away, as we’re sure you’ll find it really helpful!
    • I don’t have a DSLR and have only a compact digital camera. Will this Workshop still be useful for me? Yes. The fundamental concepts of digital photography are common to DSLR and compact digital cameras, so it will still be useful, and you’ll be able to try a majority of the discussed concepts practically if your compact camera has manual controls. However, in order to make the most out of the Workshop, we recommend you hire a DSLR.
    • How do I register for the Workshop? You can register for the Workshop by clicking on the BOOK NOW! tab and filling out the registration form, or transferring the booking amount directly to our company account, details will be shared upon inquiry. You can reach us on +91-9620830837
    • How do I pay the Workshop fee? We have multiple payment options including online transfer, from which you may choose one as per your convenience. More details can be shared upon inquiry.
    • What should I get to the Workshop?
      • An open mind and learning attitude.
      • A  memory card/pen drive with sufficient space for the tutorial videos.
      • 50mm or 35mm prime lens (a 24-70 zoom will also work, but keep in mind you will be shooting at higher ISO’s, due to the more narrow aperture)
      • A macro lens is not required.
      • Pen Tablet, if available.
      • Your laptop with the following software installed on it.
        • Photoshop cs6 or cc
        • Camera Raw
        • Lightroom cs6 or cc
        • A screen recording software if you want to record your screens during the post-processing sessions. (optional)
    • I have paid for the Workshop but cannot attend. Can I get a refund?
      Kindly check our cancellation policy. 
Time : 10:00 am – 06:00 pm (Both Days)


Address2nd Floor, 1554, 19th Main Rd, Agara Village, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102 Phone: +91-9620830837


Number of guests: 20
Local transport: Cab and auto
(Not included in the package, can be arranged upon request)
Exertion level: Easy
Accommodation: Hotels
(Not included in the package, can be arranged upon request)
Meals: Lunch and Tea/coffee snacks included
Type of photography: Fashion and Fine-art
Weather in Apr: Average 26°C

Can Be Arranged Upon Request:
Up to 3 Nights Hotel accommodation with private bath and toilet
All meals and non-alcoholic beverages
Ground transport

*The additional cost hast to be born by the individual

Transport to/from Workshop Location
Visa for India
Alcoholic beverages
Travel insurance